Privacy Policy

📆 Date: 2022/October/23

🔐 Privacy Policy

We know that you care about your personal information. So we decided to take some serious action about your privacy too. Please read the following sections to learn about our Privacy and Policy
Make sure to read carefully before using this bot.
This bot is made by Pooyan#9627. For using it you don't have to pay anything, in another word, it's free. but we may make a Patreon account or anything else, So when you support us, you can access better features. If you are using PDM Bot, so you are agreed with the Privacy Policy. Pooyan will not use or share your information.

👨‍💻 Admins

Admins never ask you for your personal information like phone number, address, photos, etc. They are here just for helping you.

💾 Information Collection and Use

We never get your phone number, address, photo, etc. we only save some IDs (Roles, User IDs, Guild ID) and Strings(Like welcomer message) to provide better features to you, and they will get removed after you remove the bot from your server.

🔒 Security

Your saved data (IDs) will be secured enough, and we will not share them with anyone or publish them.
The bot may contain some links to other websites. If you click on them, you will be directed to that website. Also, notice that those websites are not cooperating with us (except http://pdmgames.ir).

📻 Up-to-date Privacy Policy

We may update the Privacy Policy page, so you are advised to review this page rarely. We also will notify you with the bot when we added any changes to this page.

📱 Contact us

If you have any questions, problems, Data deletion request, or suggestions about the Bot or the Terms please contact us via our Support discord server that we mentioned on the PDM Bot page